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Sun City Baconfest met with bacon fans, protesters

Sun City Baconfest met with bacon fans and protesters

The fifth-annual Sun City Baconfest brought hundreds to downtown El Paso for bacon-inspired eats.

"We thought there was a need for a themed event like that. We do other events obviously in the city as well, but bacon was something that was untouched and we were happy to put that together," event organizer Veronica Hernandez said. 

But the event was also met with protests from animal-rights activists.

"We're just trying to educate people on the animal industry, trying to show them a different perspective of pigs and how smart they are," protester Nadia Villanueva said. "We're just here with a group of activists, educating, handing out pamphlets."

The group handed out PETA pamphlets which showed pigs living in cramped conditions in farms. The group also brought a piglet, and allowed those attending the event to pet the pig. 

Villanueva said her message was simple: go vegan, and choose compassion over killing.

Still, several attendees walked past the demonstration and into Baconfest unphased.

"I think it's good to be able to showcase both sides. People are here to enjoy the food and I know that they have something that they need to say and we're fine with it," Hernandez said. "I think everybody -- it's all about inclusiveness."

Foods ranged from bacon-covered hot dogs, to Mexican-style corn with bacon bits, to bacon-batter, deep-friend Oreos.



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