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Star Wars fans pack Borderland theaters for 'The Last Jedi'

Star Wars El Paso

EL PASO, Texas - The force was strong in the borderland as Star Wars fans packed movie theaters to watch 'The Last Jedi'.

Don't worry -- no spoilers ahead.

At the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in west El Paso, there was a show before the show.

The El Paso Youth Orchestra played a Star Wars theme in the lobby as excited movie-goers arrived.

"I am a big Star Wars fan, of course I have to see it opening night," said Armando Valdez.

It was hard to miss Valdez's love for the film series. He showed up wearing a Star Wars t-shirt, a Star Wars jacket and a Star Wars hat.

Of course, Valdez couldn't resist a selfie with Darth Vader Santa. And he was far from alone.

"I don't even have words, like I am so excited," said Kristal Ann Ferrell.

Ferrell channeled her inner princess Leia and brought along her four children to see the eighth film in the Star Wars saga.

"It's everywhere. My whole house is decorated in Star Wars. We do star wars theme games nights every Saturday night. Everything is Star Wars in our family," said Ferrell.

Ferrell grew up watching the old Star Wars movies and is thrilled to share her passion with the next generation.

"I was born in '82 and that's how I was raised and it just caught on. And they loved it. And that just made it that much easier. I didn't have to force it on them," Ferrell said.

"I love the storm troopers," said one of Ferrell's children. Two others expressed their adoration for the droids and Chewbaca.

Fans who chose to watch the 'The Last Jedi' at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema even got a chance to enjoy a Star Wars themed menu.

They could choose from items such as lava planet popcorn, scavenger stew and the supreme leader shake.  

There were plenty of light sabers swinging around, merchandise for sale and cameras flashing.
It was a memorable night even before the movie began as storm troopers mingled among the crowd.

And you can bet, almost everyone in the theater on premiere night will be seeing 'The Last Jedi' more than once.


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