El Paso

SISD stepping up security in schools

Soccorro Independent School District officials plan to step up their security in the upcoming school years.

SISD superintendent Dr. Jose Espinoza said every school in the district has a minimum of 15 cameras, and acknowledged that elementary schools have the most vulnerable population.

"There was years in the past that our middle schools, our elementary schools, did not have a security guard patrolling the hallways or a police officer," he said. "Now, every single school in Socorro ISD, every single one of the 47 schools will have either a security guard or a police officer 100 percent of the time."

Dr. Espinoza said he pushed for the cameras himself after serving as principal for a middle school in Houston that had 64 cameras in total. 

He said he aims to increase the number of cameras at all schools to 20 or 25 in the future.

He also said someone in uniform is now at every campus. 

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