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Saucedo reflects on time at Boys & Girls club

Saucedo reflects on time at Boys & Girls

EL PASO, Texas - Mayoral Candidate David Saucedo says he was used to financial issues during his time with the Boys and Girls Club of El Paso.

"You become numb to it," Saucedo said, "my point was: never did I expect them to miss payroll."

Looking back at his time as president, Saucedo said "we could have done a lot of different things, however, when you trust people and they tell you they have it handled and they let you down, what do you do?"

Public records reveal financial instability within the organization dating back to 2012. 

Of the dates reviewed, 2012 was the only year the organization was in the green. The total revenue was nearly $700,000, while its total expenses sat at nearly $628,000. The years total revenue was $72,000. During this time, Saucedo was the secretary of the organization.

In 2013, the Boys and Girls Club of El Paso hit a big financial dip surpassing $100,000. The total revenue was about $540,000, while the expenses hit about $678,000. The year's revenue was in the red at about $137,500. Saucedo was the finance committee chair for the organization during this time.

The 990 form from 2014 shows a similar trend. Saucedo was still acting as the finance committee chair for the year. The total revenue for the organization hit about $522,000, while the total expenses hit around $553,000. The revenue at the end of the year was again in the red, about $31,000.

2015 showed similar trends as the two previous years; however one major difference, Saucedo was acting president. During this time, the organization took a big financial knock. Nearly $186,000 dollars were lost that year after all expenses were accounted for. The total revenue for 2015 was about $526,000 and the total expenses were $712,000.

However, Saucedo was not concerned. "We were fully liquid our balance sheet was strong we had two building bought and paid for something a lot of non profits cants say," he said.

"I will take responsibility, perhaps I could have transitioned the teams a lot better," Saucedo said." I could have identified a better president to take over."

Saucedo went on to say that the organization lost two grants over $200-thousand dollars. A letter to the editor in the El Paso Times on May 17, discredited Saucedo's remarks. The headline reads, "Saucedo wrong on losing Janacek grant," and it was written by Jimmy Janacek an avid donor to the Boys and Girls Club of El Paso. Saucedo later told KVIA he mispoke. 

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