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ReadyOne Industries to hire 500 new employees

ReadyOne Industries is opening up 500 new jobs.

The company was recently awarded $90 million in contracts by the U.S. government to produce military uniforms.

"They are increasing the size of the military and they are increasing the budget for the Department of Defense all of which means more contracts for us," said ReadyOne President and CEO Tom Ahmann.

In 2006 the company made headlines after former president Bob Jones pleaded guilty to defrauding the federal government out of hundreds of millions in contracts. The company was found to be employing only 7 percent blind or severely disabled workers.

Since then company has made a remarkable turnaround.

ReadyOne currently employs a little more than 800 employees. Seventy-five percent of the workforce is handicapped.

"Our mission has always been to employ people that are blind or have significant disabilities," Ahmann said.

The company that is currently focusing on producing military uniforms trains the disabled to perform tasks like stitching and garment assembly.

"It's an extensive training program and it's a little different with the blind that people with other significant disabilities but the Department of the Blind will come and help us and provide job coaches for about five weeks training time," Ahmann said.

The pay will start at minimum wage and go up as efficiency is acquired.

"They get exceptional benefits in fact we have a clinic upstairs that's in-house that's run by a third-party but we actually pay for it," Ahmann told ABC-7.

If you are interested in a job opportunity with ReadyOne you can click here for more information.





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