El Paso

Puppy found with rubber band wrapped tightly around its infected tail

For cosmetic purposes, some people like to cut off the tails of certain breeds of dogs. And according to one veterinarian, it's a common practice in El Paso.

Animals Services Veterinarian Bernie Page said that even though he finds it unnecessary, pet owners should have the procedure done with a veterinarian to avoid injury or infection.

Such was not the case for one female boxer puppy that was found with a rubber band wrapped tightly around its infected tail.

A woman recently noticed the stray puppy in her yard and took it to the Animal Services shelter. Veterinarians there determined that he tail had become gangrenous and had to amputate it. The puppy is being nursed back to health

Animal Services is investigating this animal cruelty case.

Officials say that once the puppy fully recovers from her surgery, it will be made available for adoption.

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