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Providence Children's Hospital unveils a one-of-a-kind children's ambulance

Providence Childrens Hospital unveils...

EL PASO, TX - Providence Children's Hospital unveiled a new children's ambulance - reportedly the first of its kind in the nation  - that contains the latest technology in patient safety and care, hospital officials said.

"No one else in the country has anything quite like this," said Rob Campion, President of Elite Medical Transport, the company that designed the new pediatric ambulances. 

"The ambulance represents the latest in pediatric medical transport technology," said Campion, adding the ambulance will provide peace of mind for young patients and their families.

The technology in the ambulance includes a silicon suspension, operated by a computer, that provides a smooth ride. The vehicle also also has a "powerload system" that allows it to load and unload the patient using robotic technology. This will eliminate the possibility of dropping or injuring the patient during loading or unloading. 

The new ambulances also have an extra large design to accommodate friends or relatives traveling with the patient. Further, the ambulance includes charging stations for cell phones and DVD players.

Hospital officials said the new children's ambulances are considered the safest and most capable ambulances in the country. "There's no other ambulance in the country today that matches it," Said Campion.

The ambulances will be only be used for pediatric, neo-natal and maternal transport to and from Providence facilities.  Sally Deitch, Providence Group CEO for the El Paso/Rio Grande Valley, said the new ambulance will minimize noise and movement during transport. 

The ambulance is "the next step" in child care for Providence, Deitch said, adding, "We operate a transport team of specialized nurses and respiratory therapists that actually go out and transport children for Providence and we knew it was important that they have the best technology to transport our children."

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