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Pope Francis statue unveiled in Cd. Juarez

Pope Francis statue unveiled in Cd....

It's been exactly one year since Pope Francis' historic visit to Ciudad Juarez and today the community celebrated the anniversary with an unveiling of a statue of the pontiff.

Hundreds watched as the bishop and clergymen took to the alter Pope Francis stood before a year ago.

The skies were filled with music from local orchestras and many were under the eye of the newly revealed Pope Francis statue.

Pedro Francisco Rodriguez was the sculptor of the pontiff statue. Rodriguez says he first studied the pope, his facial and hand features, his clothing even combed through dozens of pictures until he felt he designed something that glorified Pope Frances' personality.

"I feel blessed," Rodriguez told ABC-7.

The statue of the pope stands nearly 30 feet tall and overlooked attendees who braved the chilly temperatures at the mass.

"We want the statue here to remember the message Pope Francis left us with," Marianela Garcia said.

"It's like having his presence here," Cointa Gonzales told ABC-7.

A mass was held after the unveiling of the statue and many reflected and prayed.

"To remember is to relive," said Paul Gomez.

The young seminary student who attended the mass told ABC-7 the anniversary and the statue reaffirms the faith of the community.

Rodriguez made the statue using 2,200 hundred pounds of bronze. Some of it donated by the community.

Rodriguez said it is the biggest Pope Francis statue to this date.

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