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Police say social media video shows suspects at party where 14-year-old was killed

Police say social media video shows...

EL PASO, Texas - Las Cruces police report a 14-year-old girl was shot to death at a house party that included underage guests, lots of alcohol and a doorman who frisked people as they entered.

Jochlyn Trujillo-Pierce was shot in the head early Saturday morning while at the party being held on the 1400 block Monte Vista Avenue.

Court documents state the party was hosted by two New Mexico State University football players.

Two brothers who reportedly attended that party are being charged in connection to the murder. The brothers are identified as Julio Gutierrez-Barrera and Alonzo Barrera.

Investigators believe the brothers left the party but came back. Julio Gutierrez- Barerra is accused of firing three times at the house during a drive by shooting.

A medical examiner reported because there was no exit wound, it's believed the bullet that killed is still in her head.

According to police documents, investigators were able to obtain video from at least two social media accounts belonging to guests at the party. The videos reportedly show the Barrera brothers at the party.

Julio Gutierez-Barrera, 20, is charged with an open count of murder, tampering with evidence and conspiracy to commit a felony. His 19-year-old brother Alonzo Barrera is charged with tampering with evidence and conspiracy to commit a felony.

One of the witnesses heard a call of "Big Bad Sur" before rounds were fired in the direction of the home, court documents state.

Trujillo-Pierce's grandparents, Al and Amparo Munoz, told ABC-7 they raised Trujillo following the death of her mother. They said they learned about their granddaughter's death from friends who learned about it on social media.

"I said, 'No! Jocelyn is asleep,'" Amparo Munoz said. "She didn't deserve what happened to her. She was just an innocent teenager."

Al Munoz told ABC-7 Trujillo was very active. She was learning karate and raced BMX bikes.  "She did many, many things, that maybe, some other kids would only dream of, you know," Al Munoz said, "She was just a wonderful young lady. I raised her so."

The grandfather said Trujillo's death could have been prevented if the people hosting the party had not provided alcohol to minors.

Court documents state the party's hosts were New Mexico State University football players Lui Fa'amasino and Leon McQuaker.

The NMSU Athletic Department told ABC-7 Fa'amasino and McQuaker are junior college transfers who remain members of the team for the time being.


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