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Police Report: Leapfrogging motorcade officers collided with each other day of Sessions visit

EL PASO, Texas - Two El Paso Police officers riding motorcycles collided with each other the day Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Chief John Kelly visited El Paso.

The crash happened shortly after 3 pm April 20, 2017 at Franklin and Campbell in Downtown El Paso.

While the police report states the officers were part of a motorcade, it does not confirm they were part of the motorcade escorting Sessions and Kelly  to the El Paso International Airport.

The report merely states the officers were "performing police escort duties and leapfrogging from intersection to intersection blocking traffic for safe escort of important government official."

The day of the collision, witnesses told ABC-7 the officers were part of a large motorcade.

Both officers were riding north on Campbell, which is a one-way street with five lanes.

The police report states both officers were riding in lane three - leapfrogging each other - when they collided.

"Unit 1 rider advised as he approached Unit 2 rider on the left side. Unit 2 rider slightly moved to the left, causing Unit 1 to sideswipe Unit 2," the report states.

The police report identifies Unit 1 rider as Juan Garcia and Unit 2 rider as Herman Hicks.

Both officers were transported to Las Palmas Medical Center in West El Paso for treatment, the police reports states. When asked for an update on the condition of the officers, a police spokesman sent ABC-7 the following message: "One of the officers returned to work the next day. The other officer is still out on leave."

The police report states officers practice leapfrogging and are "evaluated during our annual re-certification and our six month re-certification."

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