El Paso

Phoenix men delivering supplies to Houston stranded in El Paso.

Phoenix men delivering supplies to...

Stewart Meadows and Deon Nikolic are businessmen in Phoenix. Meadows owns Chi Town Dogz, a gourmet Chicago-style hot dog catering service. Nikolic owns Dejavue Auto Werks, an automotive restoration and custom workshop.

The two men set up a drive in their community to gather supplies and transport them to Houston in a trailer.

"Businesses, car dealerships, friends, they all came through," Meadows said.

Meadows and Nikolic gathered enough donations to fill a trailer and headed to Houston Saturday.

But as soon as they passed the 'Welcome to Texas' sign they ran into a problem.

"Five minutes later we were just rolling on the rim. Sparks -- tire was gone and we didn't realize another rim had completely flown off," Meadows told ABC-7.

Meadows, Nikolic and friend Zach Stone were stranded. 

It was Sunday -- most of the repair shops were closed and Monday was Labor Day.

"We went to about 20 different places. Luckily, Northern Tool and Equipment helped us with rims and tires," Meadows said.

When ABC-7 arrived at the men's location they were drenched in sweat. They had to unload most of the donations, changed tires and reload to even out the weight in the trailer.

"We just hope we can inspire others to help those in need," Meadows told ABC-7.

Monday they were finally able to piece everything together but they say the struggle will be worth it when they get to help those in need.

"I can't even describe how happy I'm going to be ... the joy I'm going to feel inside to see these peoples faces. I know it's going to be real touching for all of us," Meadows said.

The men left El Paso Monday afternoon and hope to arrive in Houston with the supplies by noon Tuesday.



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