El Paso

Report of Pebble Hills High student possibly armed with weapon leads to 'reverse evacuation'

Police looking for Pebble Hills High...

EL PASO, Texas - Authorities Thursday spent hours looking for a Pebble Hills High School student possibly armed with a weapon, a district official said.

It is unclear if the student is armed with a gun or a rifle. Thursday morning, two parents called the school to notify administrators their child possibly left their home with a weapon.

Authorities have been unable to locate the student, a Socorro ISD spokesman told ABC-7.

Administrators placed the high school, Puentes Middle School and Butler Elementary on "reverse evacuation," which the spokesman said is not a severe as a lock down. Under a reverse evacuation, the school's doors are locked, but students are still allowed to move from class to class inside the school.

Several ABC-7 viewers report a helicopter hovering above the area.  Police and state troopers are also patrolling several streets near the schools.

Pebble Hills High School is located at 14400 Pebble Hills. The middle school is located at 3116 Tim Foster and the elementary school is located at 14251 Ralph Seitsinger.

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