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Opportunity Center expands, more elderly women seeking shelter

Elderly women seek shelter

EL PASO, Texas - The Opportunity Center for the Homeless has expanded operations after seeing a rise in the number of elderly women seeking shelter.

La Casa de Las Abuelitas is the newest shelter created by the center in July, which provides a place to stay for elderly women.

Located on 1318 Myrtle, there are 16 dorm-style beds, a kitchen and restrooms available. Over the weekend, volunteers gathered to build an arbor and small canopy area outside. Officials tell ABC-7, the key is to make the women feel at home, because many of them will spend their last days there.

Officials can't pinpoint a reason why they're seeing a rise, or when they began to notice one, but say the elderly that stay there simply don't have anyone to care for them. Officials say some are dropped off by family, others by police.

"The Opportunity Center for the Homeless is noticing a trend among our community, and more and more elderly and frail people are becoming homeless. Many of the ones we serve in our facility were abandoned by their children because they are ill or no longer serve their purpose," John Martin, with the Center said.

The shelter is usually at capacity and is always looking for donations. If you'd like more information on how to donate items or money to the shelter, you can call (915) 577-0069.

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