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ONLY ON ABC-7: El Paso family fears dog was mistakenly euthanized

Animal Services: Dog was not adopted

Family believes animal services put...

EL PASO - Earlier this week, ABC-7 told viewers about a family whose dog ended up at Animal Services on the Fourth of July and was adopted by another family.

On Wednesday, ABC-7 was contacted by a family whose dog may have also ended up at Animal Services last week and the believe their dog was euthanized.

The Vera family is devastated over what they think happened to their 6-year-old mini-schnauzer, Shelby.
Ray Vera told ABC-7 his family found what they believe to be a picture of their dog on the Animal Services website last Wednesday. But Vera said he was told by an employee he couldn't pick her up until Sunday.

When he got there, however, Shelby was no longer there.

"We have two sons, but she's our little girl that we never had," Lisanne Vera said. "So, we are devastated without her."

Ray Vera added: "Very hurtful. She was part of the family."

The Vera's said their dog got out while staying with family members after being spooked by fireworks on the Fourth of July. The next day, someone directed to the Animal Services website.

"I just told em, 'Hey you have my dog!'" Ray Vera said. "And then she's like, 'She was just picked up on the fifth. She won't be able to be adopted until Sunday.' I'm like, 'Really?'"

Vera said when he went to go pick up Shelby on Sunday, a woman said Shelby was no longer there.

"And I'm like, 'Well was she at least adopted? We can't tell you,'" she said. "She kept looking in the computer and was like, 'Hold on, wait.' And then, 'Well, I can't tell you what happened but she was not adopted.' So what does that leave, you know?"

Vera and his wife believe their dog was euthanized.

"She didn't have a chip but she had a collar with all the information on it," Lisanne Vera said. "But we don't know yet if when they got her she had her collar on still."

Added Ray Vera: "The thing was they said she was not adoptable until Sunday, so I thought she was safe there until Sunday."

"We saw your other story the other night and whether they adopted out or put them down, we just want it not to happen to someone else if it can be avoided," Lisanne Vera said. "I understand overcrowding and everything, so I totally get that part. I just think since we were in contact with them, that should have made some kind of difference."

Animal Services Interim Director Kurt Fenstermacher told ABC-7 the dog on the Animal Services website that the Vera's believe to be "Shelby" is not the same dog. He said they searched their database and don't believe they ever had a "Shelby."

Ray Vera told ABC-7 he still believes that was their dog.

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