El Paso

One dog, two dogs, green dog ... GREEN DOGS?!

Poodles dyed with green paint spotted...

EL PASO, TX - UPDATE: ABC-7 viewers informed us the the owners name is Frank Green and the dogs are Millie and Max. 

We were able to track down Green and he said those are his dogs, but they are not missing. 

Greens said he lives close to the mountain, and he keeps an eye on them while they roam the mountainside. 

Green said the dye he uses is safe for animals, and that he dyes them every year because he and the dogs play the Grinch for local organizations and schools. 


Green poodles were spotted in the Franklins on New Year's Eve near the entrance of McKelligon Canyon.

This video was taken by ABC-7 viewer Karina Colin.

Colin says they were wandering by themselves on the side of the mountain with no owners in sight.  

We reached out to Franklin Mountain State Park about the dogs and they told us, "Thanks for the information. I had no idea about this. We will keep our eyes open to see if they are still in the area," said Cesar Mendez, the park superintendent.

We also asked Betty Hoover with the El Paso Humane Society if they had received any calls about the dogs, and she said they have not. 

Hoover also added that as long as the right kind of dye is used, the poodles should not suffer any adverse effects from their green coat. 


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