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Nine vehicles burglarized at Gold's Gym parking lot in east El Paso

Police say thieves targeting gyms across city

Thieves target gym parking lots

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso police report the number of vehicle burglaries at local gyms is on the rise.

The most recent thief hitting nine cars and trucks in one parking lot in broad daylight. It happened at the Gold's Gym at 1224 Wedgewood in east El Paso.

One of the trucks belonged to Ruben Rios.

The gym has turned over surveillance video to the police, but not before showing it Rios.

"He would just go boom , boom , break everything , get inside close the door and go to another car," Rios said.

Rios said he arrived at the gym Tuesday morning around 10 a.m.
Luckily he did not leave his wallet in his truck. But the thief did steal his cousin's wallet and an iPad.

Rios said he watched the surveillance video. He said the thief was wearing gloves and looked like a professional.

"I saw him go into one truck, and then he got out of the truck and went to a van in less than 10 seconds. Some of them they broke the windows, some of them they broke the locks. He has a pick lock to be able to open up the cars like he did on mine," Rios said.

El Paso police said investigators have reported the recent crime trend throughout the city.

Gym lots can be lucrative targets. Victims often leave valuables such as electronics, wallets, purses and cellphones behind.

Jo Uncangco works out at the same gym as Rios.

"I leave my wallet. You leave your wallet in your truck? Now, I won't . Now you won't. No," said Uncangco.

The gym's surveillance video has been turned over to investigators.

"I saw him parking between cars that were available in parking spots and he would break into one vehicle, he broke into a truck and then a car in front of it," Rios said.

Some are the gym were surprised the thief wasn't caught in the act.

"Its always so packed you know. People are always coming in and out here," said one man.

Christian Ponce was headed into the gym not carrying much.

"I have my keys. Where is your wallet? In the truck," Ponce said.

Ponce had not heard about the rash of burglaries and made sure he was not next on the list. He went back to his truck.

"Yep. That's right. Getting my wallet. Not trying to get robbed this day," Ponce said.

Rios is hoping police will soon share the surveillance video with the public in hopes of catching the thief.
ABC-7 reached out to the Police Department and inquired about the video. As soon as we get the video, will make sure you see it.

Police say the best advice is simple but good, don't leave your valuables behind.

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