El Paso

New El Paso business puts lid on bacteria

El Paso New El Paso business puts lid on bacteria

EL PASO, Texas - Trash bins get quite grimy, and sometimes slimy, but a new company in El Paso is setting out to battle the bacteria your garbage leaves behind. 

Mark Elias said he has seen some downright disgusting trash bins. 

"There are dog feces in there, diapers -- you can imagine," said Elias. "It's just filled with bacteria you don't want to come in contact with."

Fresh out of university, Elias decided to turn sanitizing trash bins into a new business. He started Binned, a trash bin cleaning service. 

Joann Wardy is a customer. She said she was thrilled by the concept. 

"I don't like cleaning out my trash bins, and I don't think anybody else really likes doing that," said Wardy. "They completely, totally sanitize them, and there's no chemicals used." 

Binned uses a water pressure cleaner to gut out the grime. The water heats up to 250 degrees, killing the bacteria. 

Elias said there's a lot of disease that lingers in trash bins that can make you very sick.

"Salmonella, E. coli, tuberculosis -- I mean just so many things," said Elias. "El Paso's Environmental  Services is actually recommending El Pasoans to keep their bins clean on a regular basis."

If you're interested in Binned's services, click here to visit its website. 


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