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Changes headed to the El Paso Zoo

Changes headed to the El Paso Zoo

In 2012 El Paso voters approved $470 million worth of improvements to parks, libraries, museums, a multipurpose center and the El Paso Zoo.

The zoo was allotted $50 million.

An event pavilion and wildlife theater have already been built and there are more projects on the way.

A new Chihuahuan Desert exhibit will showcase North America's desert animals, like jackrabbits and wild turkeys.

The zoo also will redesign the entrance to the Asian exhibit with themed landscaping and lighting that will provide a view of the zoo's brand-new, 36-foot carousel and shade structure.

There are also other projects that will replace some exhibits we're used to seeing.

 "At the end of the bond ... toward the end of the life of that bond we're looking at adding very exciting animals like Komodo dragons, red pandas and small-clawed otters," said Zoo Director Steve Marshall.

Marshall said exhibits will also feature ant eaters, flamingos and penguins.

The Chihuahuan Desert exhibit is expected to be completed by 2019.


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