El Paso

Motorcyclist suffers life-threatening injuries following chain-reaction crash

EL PASO, Texas - A motorcyclist suffered life-threatening injuries following a chain-reaction crash Saturday.

El Paso Police say the crash happened shortly after 1:30 A.M. on the 1200 block of Zaragosa.

Police say the driver of a 2007 Scion was driving on Castner Drive and made a left turn onto North Zaragosa in front of several motorcycles. Police say that's when one motorcyclist crashed into the Scion, causing a chain reaction crash. Two other motorcyclists collided with each other, as they attempted to avoid the crash.

Police say a motorcyclist involved in the second crash suffered life-threatening injuries. Three others suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Special Traffic Investigators were called to the scene and took over the police investigation. No charges have been filed.


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