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Miner fans talk football, react to Mike Price as interim head coach

Miner fans talk football react to...

Saturday the UTEP miners hosted the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers at the Sun Bowl.

The Miners also celebrated their homecoming game but with a season of zero wins and six losses many feel the team is lackluster.

“Not taking it away from the kids but I think the coaching has a lot to do with it,” said UTEP Miner fan Larry Fagans.

Earlier in the week head coach Sean Kugler stepped down from his position.

“It’s not that I’m a Kugler fan but I don’t think he should of left mid-season,” Fagans said.

Shortly after Kugler’s resignation Utep’s athletic department announced they would bring back former UTEP coach Mike Price.

“I definitely don’t like the way they put the old coach in. I think he reached the age where he was finished with this here so I think it’s a bad situation with the kids,” Fagan said.

Others disagree.

“Mike Price is back and he’s bringing a lot of energy to the team,” said UTEP student Paul Sanchez.

The stands showed the football teams support. Many seats were empty. Only an estimated 7,000 attended Saturday’s game.

“It’s the first time I come back this season and it’s a completely different environment. There’s not much going on in the student section it’s really quiet,” KVIA anchor and former UTEP student J.C. Navarette said.

Many are already hoping next years team will have a better season.

“I hope our young players stay healthy and build on what they have now,” Fagans said.

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