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Movement to save and preserve Castner Range continues

Meeting Tonight to save Castner Range

Meeting Tonight to save Castner Range

El Paso, TX - Castner Range is a former Ft. Bliss Military Range and is located on the eastside of The Franklin Mountains where Transmountain Rd crosses the Franklins. 

It contains both historical and natural treasures but remains unprotected, unlike the rest of the Franklins. 

"It is highly unlikely that Castner Range would be preserved as a National Monument if the decision was left to the incoming Trump administration, so it raises the urgency for our community to make this case in the final weeks of the Obama administration", said El Paso Congressman Beto O'Rourke. 

The fight to make Castner Range a National Monument has been on going for many year now. According to O'Rourke nearly 35,000 El Pasoans have signed letters to the president to keep the Range preserved. 

Wednesday night at the Memorial Park Garden Center, 3105 Grant Ave, El Paso, the Franklin Mountain Wilderness Coalition will be holding a meeting from 6:30 to 8 PM updating the public on the progress towards making Castner Range a National Monument. 

Another meeting is scheduled at the El Paso Community College campus in northeast El Paso this Saturday at 10 AM. 

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