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MAYORAL ELECTION: Margo disappointed but ready to face Saucedo in runoff

Mayoral Election: Margo and Saucedo react to runoff election

EL PASO, Texas - Dee Margo told ABC-7 he was disappointed in low voter turnout while David Saucedo said he's excited about the results considering Margo outspent him 2 to 1. The two candidates will face off in a mayoral election runoff June 10th.


Margo closely watched the early voting results come in at his watch party held at Southwest University Park's WestStar Bank Club.

"It is very positive. The only thing that would make it more positive is if it had been over 50 percent and not 47," Margo said.

Margo also spoke about the low voter turnout. "I don't know, I mean, May elections are tough. People just finished the big election of 2016 and there may be some sort of burnout," Margo said, "I don't know. It is still inexcusable. We are probably going to have less than 10 percent of our registered voters vote."

Saucedo, who told ABC-7 he anticipated a runoff, said he "represents the voice of El Paso, not special interests."

Saucedo further stated, "the vote here in El Paso is not for sale. We were outspent 2 to 1, but we're still here and we're starting from zero. Ultimately, people are see a big difference between Dee Margo and I."

One candidate must win 50% of the vote in order to be declared mayor. If not, the top contenders will head to a run-off election.


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