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Man pulls young woman from rubble after car crashes into home

Man pulls young woman from rubble after car crashes into home

A 19 year old woman remains in the hospital Thursday night after a car smashed into her apartment around midnight, seriously injuring her.

ABC-7 spoke to a man who saw it happen and sprang into action -- trying to save her.

El Paso police say it all started because of a fight at a 7-Eleven.

The two people in that fight, 25-year-old Raul Calvetti and 26-year-old Amanda Aguirre are charged with aggravated assault.

The man ABC-7 spoke with says he tore through a wall with his bare hands just to pull out the 19-year-old trapped in her room.

Police say it started at the 7-Eleven on Gateway North and Sean Haggerty Drive.

They say an argument broke out between Calvetti and Aguirre when three men tried to intervene.

"I heard a commotion while I was inside," said Joshua Deardorff.

Deardorff lives right across from the convenience store. He tells ABC-7 his friends went to go help Aguirre from Calvetti's alleged attack.

"He had already beat her up," Deardorff said.

Deardorff said he also went to help but tells ABC-7 both Aguirre and Calvetti got in the car and tried to run everyone over.

"He was doing donuts. I don't know if you can see the marks over there but he was doing donuts trying to hit us and he actually wound up getting me in the elbow," Deadorff said.

Deardorff explained there was a car parked in the area and Calvetti tried to dodge it -- that's when he crashed into the home.

"Oh it was loud," Deardorff added.

Deardorff told ABC-7 he knew the family was in the home and the car had crashed right into the 19-year-old's room. So he ran in to look for her.

"I looked under the car, I looked around it. I actually didn't find her until I heard her moan a little bit," Deardorff said.

Deardorff said he found her trapped in the closet in and out of consciousness but he couldn't get to her because the car was blocking the closet door.

"I went around to the other closet and I ripped the doors off and I started pulling the wall out and that's when I started to see her legs," Deardorff said.

Deardorff managed to get the young woman out. His hands still show cuts from tearing down the wall. He tells ABC-7 the young woman was bleeding from her face and ears.

Meanwhile, Calvetti and Aguirre tried to escape.

"They panicked and started running through the house trying to find their way out," Deardorff said.

Deadorff tells ABC-7 the young woman is doing fine, with no brain injury or broken bones. He says Calvetti was found down the block hiding in bushes and Aguirre was arrested nearby as well. 

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