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Man convicted of shooting and killing teenager sentenced to life in prison

Miguel Bygoytia sentenced to life in...

EL PASO, Texas - The second man convicted in the shooting death of an El Paso teen was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday. Friday, Miguel Bygoytia was convicted of Capital Murder for the 2014 death of Aaron Ochoa.

In October 2014, Ochoa was leaving class from the Paso Del Norte Academy near downtown El Paso when he was approached in a parking lot near Stanton and Rio Grande by Bygoytia and  Gustavo Valencia.

Bygoytia shot Ochoa several times and the two men got in a vehicle allegedly driven by Armando Torres.

Last year, Valencia was convicted and sentenced to 60 years in prison for his involvement.

El Paso police reported the men had gotten in an argument days before the shooting.

ABC-7 was in the court room as the parents of the victim gave their statements.

Mr. Ochoa, Aaron's father, said, "I do not appreciate what you did because it was not good. It was a mistake. You left a lot of pain not only in our lives, in your family's life. You hurt everybody." He adds, "In honor of my God that is in heaven, I cannot hate you. I'll forgive you."

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