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Local vet clinic takes its business on wheels

Local vet clinic takes its business...

EL PASO, Texas - From a distance, it looks like a large green camping trailer -- nothing special. 

But when you get up close, you see a large logo of a bearded man printed on the front. The old Western-style font reads "Dr. C's Mobile Veterinary Service."

"It's something I've always wanted to do, just to drive around and offer this," veterinarian German Caraballo said. "We just want to come out here and offer affordable healthcare for the animals in the community."

Caraballo started his mobile vet service in January. Before that, his business mostly consisted of treating farm animals or doing home visits. On Saturday, his trailer was set up right next to the Outlet Shoppes in Canutillo.

"We're setting up about once a week right now, eventually we'll move on to twice a week," Caraballo said. "My favorite part about doing this is that we're in a different location, different setting every week."

Dr. C's offered spay/neuter procedures, shots and dental services all from inside the trailer. 

Luis Nunez traveled all the way from Far East El Paso to get treatment for his sick Pit Bull.

"We know how long the lines are at the vet and stuff like that, and we just decided to come out here and give the mobile [clinic] a chance." Nunez said. "You can talk to the vet yourself. Everything's on-site. It's very convenient."

Leonardo Ochoa took his Golden Retriever to the mobile clinic for a heartworm test.

"It's very practical and economical for everybody," Ochoa said. "The doctor is really cool, the assistants too. They help you to understand everything."

Dr. C's next mobile vet clinic event will be on Tuesday, March 14 on the 7600 block of N. Mesa St.

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