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Local Catholic radio station aims to reach wider audience

Catholic Diocese of El Paso tries to reach wider audience through radio

EL PASO, Texas - Through the radio air waves is how the Catholic Diocese of El Paso aims to reach a wider audience.

The recent launch of The Bridge 1150 AM includes radio talk shows for all ages and some are bilingual.

Bishop Mark Seitz hosts a show of his own every Wednesday morning at 10 a.m.

"Given the fact that we have 675,000 people or so that identify as Catholic, many people don't have time to encounter me personally and I don't have the chance to meet them," Bishop Seitz said.

Seitz said the name of the radio station is fitting for our region because it has bridges that cross borders and unite people who are separated by a river a different cultures.

"It's a way of strengthening people already in the church and extending the church's reach," Seitz said.

The launch of the radio station comes at a time after a recent survey from the Public Religion Research Institute that said 55 percent of American Catholics identify as white, compared to 87 percent 25 years ago.

The survey said the presence of Latino Catholics is increasing.

Bishop Seitz said he wants to reach out to Catholics who have strayed from the church and who no longer feel connected to the church.

The radio show "Bridge Kids," hosted by college-aged students aims to reach a younger audience.

"As we get older, there's nothing wrong with hanging around the church and engaging in our faith," Chris Salazar said, a UTEP student.

Salazar volunteers for the radio station during his spare time.

"I think it's our responsibility to get other youth by listening to the radio show," Salazar said.

The Bridge can be heard on the radio, online and through the MyParish App recently introduced by the diocese.

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