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Local artist working to bring vibrant art community to San Elizario

San Eli artist

Bringing a more vibrant art community to San Elizario. That's what one local Chicano artist is planning to do, while preserving history along the way. 

Gaspar Enriquez is a nationally recognized artist and former long-time Bowie art teacher. Many of his work is of his students. 

"I used to live in the same area growing up, so what I saw in my students was myself growing up there," Enriquez said. "So I decided to record their stories, their faces."

He's also interested in restoring San Elizario's history. 

"These buildings have been neglected for a long time," he said. 

So Enriquez spent 10 years restoring a building, that now houses some of his art work. It was originally built in the 1800's.

"I didn't want to see them deteriorate any more," Enriquez said. 

He also spent many years restoring a second building, which is now up for lease. The hope, Enriquez said, is to create a more vibrant arts district in San Elizario.   

"I would like to see more people here in San Elizario," he said. "We have a very historical area and very artistic area."

Enriquez's gallery is right across from San Elizario city hall. He plans on opening it to the public in December. 

Anyone interested in the building being leased is asked to call KB realty in El Paso.

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