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Khalid tweets about fireworks set off inside Cielo Vista Mall

Singer calls pranksters idiots

Khalid reacts to Cielo Vista Mall...

EL PASO, Texas - Singer-songwriter Khalid criticized the two young men caught on camera setting off fireworks inside Cielo Vista Mall Saturday afternoon.

The El Paso artist apparently keeps tabs on what's going on in the Sun City.

He tweeted Tuesday, "Those kids in El Paso who lit fireworks in the Cielo Vista Mall are idiots lol how is that shit cool, go read a book or something."


El Paso Police are still looking for the two young men who were caught on camera setting off the fireworks. The video which was posted on Instagram showed the two lighting a mortar type firework near a fountain with unsuspecting people sitting nearby. The two are seen running away laughing just before the loud blast.

The blast from the fireworks reportedly broke two windows inside the mall.

No one was injured by the fireworks, police said.

Investigators are handling  the incident as a case of criminal mischief.


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