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Heavy rain does not deter bikers from El Paso Holocaust Museum fundraising race

SUNLAND PARK, New Mexico - Despite a flash flood watch being issued by the National Weather Service, bikers from across the borderland still came together to raise money for the the El Paso Holocaust Museum on Sunday.

The 12th annual "Tour De Tolerance" is the museum's largest fundraiser of the year. Officials said they expect to collect nearly $25,000.

"Soggy, but we're getting it done," museum executive director Lori Shephard said. "This gives people a chance to feel like there is something they can do. There is a voice they can have."

The Tour De Tolerance is composed of a 100 km race, a 50 km race and a 5K. The rain made conditions slick, but bikers tell ABC-7 they weren't fazed.
"It was a good race and for the weather -- after the start -- you got used to it. It was a nice ride," 10-time participant Gert Pfister said.
Regardless of athletic ability, all the proceeds went to the museum.
"It means a tremendous amount to us, and all the participants that came out -- they knew we were going to come out rain or shine," Shephard said. "I think some of them said 'well it's a gamble, but it's for a good cause, so I'm going to go ahead and sign up.'"
The race's finish line was at the Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino.

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