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Grandfather speaks on 11-month-old baby's death

Grandfather speaks on 11 month old...

Raymond Licon Jr., 27, is charged with criminal negligent homicide after police say his baby drowned when he left him unattended in the bathtub. 

Licon reportedly tried to give him CPR but the boy later died at the hospital.

The 11-month-old baby's name is Azreal Licon and Tuesday evening ABC-7 spoke with George Montenegro, Azreal's grandfather from his mother's side.

"He was born premature at 7 months but he's a kid I never saw cry," Montenegro said.

Montenegro recalls when Azreal was born.

"He was an angel," Montenegro said.

He tells ABC-7 the news of Azreal's death has been heart-wrenching for the family.

"Everybody is broke down, my daughter is going crazy," Montenegro said.

Montenegro said he knows why Licon left the baby unattended in the bathtub.

Licon and Montenegro's daughter had recently separated and the couple was having issues.

"He was fighting with my daughter over the phone. All the neighbors heard it and suddenly my grandson is dead," Montenegro said.

Montenegro says he is beyond upset -- telling ABC-7 this isn't the first incident Licon has had while the children were in his custody. The former couple also have a two-year-old girl.

"His daughter broke a tooth in the bathtub....in the bathtub..I mean c'mon you're a police officer. The first time it happens to you OK but a second time no..it's not a coincidence," Montenegro said.

Montenegro tells ABC-7 he worries that since Licon was a police officer the law might be more lenient. He questions why it took so long for for Licon to be arrested.

"I mean if this happens to you or me I'll bet you $1,000 we'll be arrested that same month. C'mon with a $10,000 bond he's going to be out with a $1,000," Montenegro said.

Montenegro says the drowning shouldn't be called an accident because no one in their right mind would leave an 11-month-old unattended.

"He can't stand up. He cannot sit up. You don't leave a baby in the bathtub," Montenegro said.

Montenegro tells ABC-7 he's waiting to see how the state handles the case. If he's not pleased with Licon's punishment he will go to the FBI.

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