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School of Medicine students celebrate new residencies on 'Match Day'

Match Day ceremony at EP Medical School

EL PASO, Texas - Senior students from the Paul L. Foster School of Medicine now know where they will be completing their residencies. 

The school held a ceremony, known as "Match Day", on Friday. The students opened up an envelope which unveiled their residency match results.

"It's all led to this moment. it's all kind of built up to now," medical student Jeremy Stewart said. "This is four years building up to this. It's just a really exciting moment."

Stewart was one of 85 students to get a "match." Foster School of Medicine students will be across 25 different states.

"The students found out on Monday that they did match, so this is a whole week long process," Dean of Student Affairs Kathryn Horn said. "It's a great fulfillment of their excitement and commitment to medicine. All of these young people are committed, and excited to serve their communities."

Nathaniel Rawicki ended up matching with New York Medical College in Westchester, NY. He said it's the perfect fit for him.

"It's a huge weight off my shoulders," Rawicki said. "It's a place that I really wanted to go to, and that's a very competitive position, so I was very happy to have it."

The majority of the 85 students will remain in Texas.

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