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Family owned Charcoaler Drive-In to close at end of month

Charcoaler Drive-thru closing soon

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso burger lovers were feeling nostalgic Wednesday after learning the Charcoaler Drive-In would be closing.

The drive-in - touted as having the first drive-thru intercom in El Paso- first opened for business in 1961.

Robert B. Cox Sr. and his wife Wilma created a drive-in where people could drive up, park and enjoy a good meal in the company of friends and family. Robert B. Cox Jr. bought the business from his father in 1986.

"quality and good service that was dads thing and something we upheld," Cox Jr. said.

Cars formed a line along Mesa Street with drivers in hopes of getting one last burger lathered in the Charcoaler's secret BBQ sauce.

"Best hamburgers in the world," said Mary Schumaker, who spent more than 30 minutes in line Wednesday to pick up a cheeseburger and onion rings.

"We've been coming here since high school to do that," Schumaker said.

As cooks took orders through the intercom, a family sat on the lawn in front of the Charcoaler. They enjoyed their lunch under the mild El Paso temperatures.

ABC-7 asked Elisa Southern what made the place special to her.

"The memories(that came) from the early '60's, adolescence and courtship and after football games," Southern replied.

The family owned Drive-In will be closing it's doors by the end of the month.





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