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Family of man allegedly murdered by off-duty Border Patrol agent seeks justice

Family of man allegedly murdered by offduty Border Patrol agent seeks justice

 A family mourning the loss of a son protested for justice Saturday evening.

Two weeks ago ABC-7 was on the scene of a deadly shooting in Socorro.

Sheriffs officials say 33-year-old Juan Jaquez was murdered.

The suspect -- an off duty Border Patrol agent.
Family members told ABC-7 that the off duty Border Patrol agent, Luis Chavez, and Jaquez were lifelong friends and they are protesting because they feel the investigation is being swept under the rug.

 In a bold move, Jaquez's family members protested for justice in front of Chavez's house where officials said Jaquez was killed.
"I didn't believe it when I found out," said Jaquez's brother David Perez.

 Perez told ABC-7 that Jaquez and Chavez grew up together as kids, and they were together the night of the shooting, Jan. 14.

"He used to always says that he was his best friend and a brother, because he never had a brother " Perez said.

 A few weeks after the shooting, sheriff's officials announced the case was being investigated as self defense.

Family members were told by officials Jaquez threatened Chavez with a chain.

"This is not fair," said Allison Gotay, Jaquez stepfather.

Gotay said that because Chavez is federal agent, the investigation is one-sided.

"How is this situation self defense when this guy works for the federal government? He's already trained to deal with this situation," Gotay said.

"Why didn't he fire warning shots or try to talk him out of it," Perez said.

Gotay says Chavez was notified that Jaquez was going to his home.

"Why did this guy call police before my son showed up to the house?" Gotay said.

As some grieved, others pondered.

"Danny is not here, so we can't hear his side of the story," said family member Carlos Montes.

Gotay held a prayer with family members asking for help from a higher power.
"We don't have my son but at least we can claim for justice and our God will make this decision to get justice in this situation that's all we want," Gotay said.

Family members also told ABC-7 they are infuriated because Chavez is still working.

 ABC-7 contacted the Border Patrol to ask if he was indeed working, but they were not able to offer that information.

 ABC-7 also contacted the sheriff's office for an update, and officials said this case is still under investigation.

Jaquez leaves behind six children.

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