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Family and friends remember El Paso police Officer David Ortiz.

Vigil Held for police officer David...

 For many who knew police Officer David Ortiz it's almost unbelievable a year has gone by since he died.

For Ortiz's family the death is still fresh in their hearts.

The chorus rang out at the intersection of Vista Del Sol and Lee Trevino streets. The intersection where Ortiz was killed.

Ortiz's mother, Herlinda Ortiz is still heartbroken over the loss of her son

"It's like it happened yesterday. My baby is still not home and I miss him so much. We're so happy and so proud that everybody was out here with us. We thank them with all our hearts that they still remember and cry for my David," Herlinda Ortiz said.

As friends and family donned Ortiz's end-of-watch shirts, they held candles and prayed to honor his life.

Tears were shed but Ortiz's mother says the support helps them stay strong.

"Words aren't enough; I can hug every one of these people for being here. Thank you, thank you so much for supporting us," Herlinda Ortiz said.

Officer Ortiz's son David Ortiz Jr. reminds everyone why we can't forget those who lost their lives protecting our community.

"He was a great officer, he was a great brother, a great husband, a great brother, a great friend, it's amazing to know I had a father everybody loved. It's an honor to be the son of Officer David ortiz," David Ortiz Jr. said.

The star on the mountain will be lit Thursday in honor of Officer Ortiz.

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