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EPISD responds to delays in online registration

EPISD student registration delays

EL PASO, Texas - EPISD is starting a week earlier than other districts and a week earlier than usual. 

The first day of school is August 21.

EPISD spokesperson Melissa Martinez said the change is part of the District of Innovation status which allows the district to set its own calendar.

"What we were hearing from teachers was that the fall semester was really short. There was a lot to pack into that semester compared to the spring," Martinez said.

EPISD classes will now end sooner -- at the end of May.

This is the second year EPISD has implemented online registration, which is happening now.

"Most of our parents and students can do everything they need to do online so you can avoid going to the campus.  Any schedule changes you would need to request in person, talk to a person, talk to administration there," Martinez said. "But I would give it a week, because right now everybody is dealing with online registration and that person, let them get the schedules uploaded. You can look at them, you can review them and you can make changes at a later time."

EPISD's online registration has been open since May. Some parents have reported to ABC 7 delays in the system.

"We know August is when parents and students have back to school on the brain. So everybody has been registering. This was the week that we opened up campuses as well. So we did have a high volume of people on the system, so there was a bit of a delay on the first day. That has since been corrected.  They were able to make some tweaks to handle the volume of users, so there should not be a problem with that anymore," Martinez said.

If you experience a delay, officials suggest calling the district. Martinez said many of the delays are due to parents or students forgetting their usernames or passwords.

"We want to remind parents it is a new system, you do need to create a new account, even if you are a returning parent or student. It will prompt you to create a new account.  You can use your previous password if you want, your same login. But you do need to create a new account and then it is a very simple process," Martinez said.

District officials said there is no need to print any documents or bring them to campuses. Parents and students can upload the documents. Any immunizations records, proof of residency or utility bills can be scanned and uploaded directly to the EPISD system.

Martinez said for those who may not have a computer, or just don't feel comfortable using the computer or the system, there is assistance at the campuses. There are computer labs set up and personnel to walk people through the process.

However, students who are being issued a laptop do need to go in person to their school to pick it up.


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