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Emergency crews adapt to construction detours in West-Central El Paso

Streetcar project changes the way...

EL PASO, Texas - Two different construction projects in the Kern Place neighborhood makes it difficult for drivers to navigate through. 

Both the Street Car Project and the reconstruction of Robinson Avenue are currently underway. The projects shut down streets and close down lanes.

The El Paso Fire Department has a station on Robinson Avenue. Spokesman Carlos Briano said the construction means firefighters need to plan ahead.

"We do ask for plans when there's going to be major construction happening," Briano said. "We also seek it out ourselves. The fire guys have to know their territory very well, and it changes daily."

Briano said firefighters are constantly checking out the streets for construction. He said the projects have not affected response times.

"They don't try to maintain the same route that they normally do, because that would be silly if there's construction there," Briano said. "They find the best, fastest way they can, considering the construction.

Kern Place resident Louann Pranses said she's been frustrated by all the roadwork.

"It's been a real pain in the patoot because of the railcar down below, and up at the top of Robinson, you can't get anywhere," Pranses said. "Everyday it's a different closure."

The reconstruction of Robinson Avenue started in August of 2016. The over $2 million project is re-paving roads, and adding new landscaping and irrigation. City officials said it's about 30 percent complete, and a little behind schedule. Originally, they said it would open in the Summer, but now they're saying Fall of this year.

City officials said the Streetcar Project is on schedule. The majority of the disruptive roadwork should be done by early 2018.

Pranses grew up in Kern Place. She said she's disappointed by the construction because it's changing the landscape.

"It's just sad. It's too much," Pranses said. "It's difficult from me to get from this house to my (other) residence in the Upper Valley." 


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