El Paso

El Pasoans reflect on 2017 and look ahead to the new year

El Pasoans reflect on 2017

While many were ready to party the night away many also took the time to reflect on 2017.

Under the shimmering lights of the San Jacinto Plaza borderland residents told ABC-7 what they didn't like about 2017.

"One of the things that I personally didn't like about 2017 is all the traffic congestion we have on I-10," said Mark Carrillo.

"All the terrorist activity all the unrest and the uncertainty," said one plaza visitor.

But for many there was also a bright side to the year.

"A lot of the local construction projects moved forward a lot of local things did well," said another plaza visitor.

As many enjoyed the last hours of the year, some told ABC-7 they are already looking forward to 2018.

"In 2018 we hope for more prosperity, more unity with all of us," said one plaza visitor.

"We become one as a nation come together for the greater good," said another.


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