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El Paso coalition submits petition to save Duranguito

El Paso coalition submits petition to...

EL PASO, Texas - The Coalition to Preserve Duranguito in Union Plaza said it will submit more than 2,400 signatures to the City of El Paso on a petition to make the neighborhood a historic district Monday afternoon .

Duranguito business owners and residents make up the coalition that said the city's own architectural survey recommended making the area a historical area 19 years ago. 

Now they're calling on city reps., and their successors, to halt demolition plans in what they call one of El Paso's first and oldest neighborhoods. 

The petition is the latest attempt to preserve Duranguito.

It comes after city reps. decided plans to build the arena in the highly contested neighborhood will move forward.

"The city has been able to enter into contracts with all of the property owners," said El Paso City Attorney Sylvia Borunda-Firth.  "We've reached an agreement -- we have willing seller with regard to all of the parcels except for one."  

Borunda-Firth said the city may also consider simply building around the tenant who refuses to leave. 

Duranguito residents who spoke to ABC-7 earlier in the month said they are fine leaving the neighborhood, and that the city paid them. 

All they wish is to see the area thrive. 

The coalition plans on submitting the signatures at City Hall around 3 p.m. 

Coalition members said if the city rejects the signatures they plan to move the issue to vote on the November ballot. 





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