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El Paso Children's Medcares program assists neglected and abused children

El Paso Children's Medcares program...

Last year, nearly 60,000 children were abused in Texas alone.

April is National Child Abuse Prevention month. The goal is not only to raise awareness and prevent child abuse but to enhance the well-being of children.

El Paso Children's Medcares program assists neglected and abused children.

"This has been a unique journey but just so blessed to be part of this," said Linda Puig.

Linda and her husband David look over a infant in his stroller with dreamy eyes.

They are foster parents.

The child was placed in their care through El Paso Children's Hospital Medcares service.

"Medcares, at its core are incredible people that care about its children," said Dr. Bert Johansson.

Johansson is director for Medcares.

The service provides help after a diagnosis of abuse or neglect.

"We then also have the ability to supply social services, counseling, as well as medical care," Johansson said.

Medcares staff have seen children arriving malnourished because of parental economic issues, and worse:

"We've also seen horrible physical abuse where someone who has access to the child has sexually abused them or beaten to the point sometimes of death," Johansson told ABC-7.
Medcares brought the infant in need of help -to the Puig family.

The hospital won't share his condition because of privacy laws, but the care he is getting goes beyond physical.

"We know that we've been able to bring some health and happiness into his life since he's been with us," David Puig said.

Johansson says the hospital is not for profit but does expect a return on investment:

"The profit is children growing up healthy, children growing up making decisions, children growing up and having control of their lives, that's what this hospital brings you ..milagros(miracles)," Johansson said.

El Paso Children's told ABC-7 they work closely with the district attorney's office and child protective services.

If you suspect child abuse you can call the Texas Abuse Hotline at 1-800-252-5400.

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