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El Paso Children's Hospital working with West Texas Poison Control Center

El Paso Children's Hospital working with West Texas Poison Control Center

Summer time is near and for kids that means summer break. Children and teenagers will have more time at home and more time at home can make for some unwanted idle time and curiosity.

El Paso Children's Hospital reminds everyone about the dangers of poisonous items around the home that young ones can get into.  

"Last year we answered 7000 calls," said Dr. Salvador Baeza, director of the West Texas Poison Control Center.

Baeza tells ABC-7 something as harmless as perfume can be poisonous for a young child.

"Things you find under the sink floor cleaner, window cleaner, oven cleaner ... which can be dangerous," said Dr. Prashant Joshi who is on the staff at the poison control center.

He tells ABC-7 at least one child gets poisoned every day in the United States.

But it's not just children.

"Teenagers are experimenting (and engaging in) high-risk behaviors; we're talking primarily pharmaceuticals," Baeza said.

Baeza said the risk of teens getting poisoned is far greater.

"Eighty-seven percent of teenagers had to be treated in the emergency room or in a health care facility such as Children's" Baeza said.

Baeza tells ABC-7 medicines in the cabinet can be a danger.

"Your Zanax, your Valium, you're antidepressants," Baeza said.

El Paso Children's Hospital officials say they offer an advantage when treating children who have been poisoned.

Joshi is not only part of the poison center's staff he is also the medical director of the pediatric intensive care unit.

"With other hospitals we're only able to provide recommendations based on information provided over the phone. If we see you here on campus we're actually able to see you and treat you most appropriately," Baeza said.

The poison control center has a free app you can download or you can call the center at anytime their number is 1800-222-1222.

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