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El Paso Children's diabetes team educates parents and kids.

EP Children's Diabetes Team educates...

Recently 2-year-old Reagan Zmoos was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes - A life long chronic disease that affects the body's production of insulin.

"I knew it wasn't a little thing," said Zachary Zmoos.

"You feel it right in your gut the moment your hear .. we're pretty sure you're daughter has type 1 diabetes," Kylea Zmoss added.

Zachary and Kylea are Reagan's parents.

At the time of Reagan's diagnosis, Kylea was also caring after her 1-month-old.

"It's extremely overwhelming when they are first diagnosed," said Jody Kenney.

Kenny is a nurse and certified diabetes educator for El Paso Children's Hospital.

"Our program, our job, is to teach them self management skills that get them home and keep them safe and help them manage their child's diabetes," Kenny said.

Kenney tells ABC-7 the diabetes team helps parents practice giving insulin shots and meal planning.

"They are learning how to count carbohydrates and what kind of food and healthy nutrition the kids have to have," Kenney said.

"I don't know what we would have done to get the information and support that we got from the hospital right away and feel like we could leave and understand how to take care of diabetes on our own," Kylea Zmoos said.

With the education given from the diabetes team at Children's Hospital - Zachary and Kaylea feel their young daughter has a bright future ahead of her.

"I just think she's going to be a great example that you can do anything and one thing does not limit you," Kaylea Zmoos said.

Tuesday is the American Diabetes Association Alert Day.

The association recommends getting tested if you have a family history of diabetes.

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