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El Paso Catholics celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day

El Paso Catholics celebrate Our Lady...

EL PASO, Texas - El Paso Catholics are preparing to celebrate the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe Tuesday. 

Bishop Mark J. Seitz of the Catholic Diocese of El Paso will conduct two Masses open to the public. 

The first will be at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Fabens, 127 W. Main St., at 6 a.m. 

The second will be at 6 p.m. at Our Lady of Guadalupe in El Paso, 2709 Alabama St.

Matachines are scheduled to perform at the evening mass. 

This year's celebration to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe is a time to renew the commitment of our border Church to accompany families that come to the United States seeking refuge and a new opportunity to live in peace and security," Bishop Seitz wrote in a statement. "This year we will be praying in a special way for Mary's maternal care toward those families that are separated from one another because of harsh outdated immigration laws. In a special way we will be praying for our young Dreamer community in El Paso and elsewhere.  We know they have a special place in Mary's heart."

Bishop Seitz said Our Lady of Guadalupe is known as the Patroness of the Americas, unborn and families, especially immigrant families. 

According to Catholic tradition, the celebration stems from 16th century Mexico when the Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego, an Indian man who was recently baptized Catholic

Juan Diego described the Virgin Mary as a woman with child dressed as an Aztec princess, according to Franciscan Media, and was asked by the local bishop to ask The Virgin Mary for a sign. 

The feast is celebrated Dec.12, the day Juan Diego opened his cape in front of the bishop and the roses the Virgin Mary gave him appeared in the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe as we know it today. 

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