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El Paso businesses profiting from Dallas Cowboys' winning season

Fans packing bars, restaurants to watch games

El Paso businesses profiting from...

EL PASO, Texas - The  Dallas Cowboys are having one of their best seasons ever. The team beat the Detroit Lions 42-21 Monday night to improve to 13-2.

Fans are sparing no expense to show their support for the team.

There are plenty of Dallas Cowboys fans in the Borderland, and when the team wins, so do businesses showing the game.

Cowboys fans filled the west El Paso bar the Brass Monkey for some Monday night football.

Juan Enriquez has been a fan of the team for years.

"What's it like being a fan right now? Awesome, unbelievable, magical," Enriquez said.

Brass Monkey manager David Morales is cheering on the team for a couple of reasons. He's a fan, but he also knows when the Cowboys play well, that's good for business.

"Since the Cowboys have been doing well, the fan clubs have been picking up other restaurants and bars to support their fan base. And we are lucky enough to be one of the those bar and grills that have welcomed them in," Morales said.

Edgar Watson has been a fan of the Cowboys since he was a child.

"This year has been awesome. It was unexpected, especially the way the season started. It's an exciting time to a Cowboys fan right now," Watson said.

Cowboys fans are also spending money to show their team spirit.

The Fort Worth Star Telegram reports a 150 percent increase in the sale of Cowboys merchandise from 2015. A team jersey sells for about $100 for adult sizes.

Fan Jamie Morales organizes one of the many Cowboys fans clubs in El Paso.

"Even if it is the last dollar, you want to look good being a cowboy fan," Morales said.

Diana Enriquez brought her father and her friend out to watch the Cowboys face off against the Lions.

"Now we are actually coming to these bars where there are more Cowboys fans and more crowd involvement. And these guys are great. They have raffles, they really try to get us going and that sort of stuff. It's nice to surrounded by a group of people who are truly cowboy fans," Enriquez said.

Fans also spending big bucks to see the Cowboys play in person.

Kerry Murray is hoping to see the Cowboys make it all the way to the Super Bowl.

"Would you be willing to open up your pocketbook if they went to Super Bowl? That's a strong possibility. I wouldn't mind a little debt for that," Murray said.

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