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City says Bike Plan not in danger of being canceled

El Paso, TX - ABC-7 has learned from city officials the city's bike plan is not in danger of being canceled after "elpasonaturally"  reported the program was in danger of cancelation.

The blog recently reported the city opened a new position for the project - Bicycle Program Coordinator - only to inform applicants it had decided "to cancel this recruitment."

According to the City of El Paso, recruitment for the new position was canceled because the Bike Plan was being transferred from the Capital Improvements Department to the Streets and Maintenance Department within the city.

The Deputy City Manager, Khalil Zaied, told ABC-7 the move brought changes to the job description and that's why the it was canceled.

"The job title and job description moved a little bit, we added a little bit to the job description," said Zaied, adding the position will reopen in the new department in a few weeks. 

"I see this move from Capital Development to Streets and Maintenance as possibly a handicap, because there will probably be a lot of reeducating," said Scott White, Policy Director of Velopaso Bicycle-Pedestrian Coalition.

White says he is worried that the change of departments will cause all the progress over the last three years to be lost in transition. 

"As much as we know the intentions here are honorable and good, it doesn't always ease concerns," said White.

White also acknowledges the city has made great strides in recent years, adding "We're getting better, the city was recently awarded a bronze level bike friendly states from the League of American Bicyclists."   

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