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Drunken driving awareness project takes message to new heights

EL PASO, Texas - The Fourth of July is Tuesday, and whether you throw back a beer while you grill with your family, or sip a margarita poolside, El Paso Mothers Against Drunk Driving, in partnership with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, wants to make sure you keep yourself, and the roadways safe. 


"I got pulled over, I woke up in jail honestly,” said Edgar Olivas. ”It really had an impact on me. Then my uncle was killed by a drunk driver.”  


The traumatic alcohol-related hardships Olivas went through inspired him to make a change. He’s the CEO of bEAM, the company that is helping to take the message to drive sober to new heights.  


"The goal is to keep people aware, of to basically drive safe,” said Olivas. Get a designated driver at the end of the night,” said Olivas. 


The change he’s making comes in the form of an awareness project. On Monday, from 8 to 10 p.m., Olivas plans to project a powerful video on the side of the Downtown El Paso jail at 601 E. Overland Ave. 


“The projections, either way, you know, it reminds them of Mothers Against Drunk Driving,” said Olivas. “It's really unsafe to drink and drive.”


The video shows a young soldier who died as a result of a crash with a drunk driver. The loop shows his smashed black car, and the agony his family is left with. 


According to MADD, 146 people were killed in drunken driving crashes July 1- 4, accounting for 36 percent of all traffic fatalities during that time frame. Nationwide, they estimate drunk driving kills 10,000 people and injures 290,000. 


"I want to create a sense of urgency, with the visuals because people look at it, and they see it: Mothers Against Drunk Driving -- even subliminally,” said Olivas. 

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