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Drip Drive offers El Pasoans hangover cure, body pain relief and energy boost

Drip Drive offers hangover cure

EL PASO, Texas - Drip Drive is a unique El Paso business that promises to help people suffering from a hangover, lack of energy or body pain. The treatments are also available to those looking to improve a sports performance or recover from a grueling competition.

Registered nurses and paramedics travel to a person's home and deliver a vitamin treatment to a patient via an IV.

Ashley Nahle's inspiration for Drip Drive was close to home.

"I started Drip Drive because my grandmother had pancreatic cancer and there were multiple times I had to take her to the ER as a nurse knowing she needed hydration and knowing she needed some anti-nausea medication. There were times when she did not want to get out of the bed to go to the ER because she was severely sick. So if there was something like this available when she was ill, I would have called a nurse to come help treat her back them,"  Nahle said.

Nahle said the IV drips contain vitamins specifically compounded and obtained from a local pharmacy or surgical supplier. A doctor also oversees the patients.

"Our wellness drip you can do two types of patients. One, just an everyday patient just looking for a multivitamin to help with energy, vitamin for immunity build. Or if you are feeling under the weather, whether it is the cold, flu, food poisoning, we have vitamins for nausea. We have headache, back pain, joint pain and body aches. We have a different array of symptoms," Nahle said.

There are three types of treatments. The wellness drip is for someone feeling under the weather. The athletic drip is for a person recovering from a sporting event or prepping for a performance. The hangover drip for the person in pain after drinking too much.

The treatments take about 20 to 30 minutes and cost $125.

People suffering from a hangover can expect relief in about half an hour.

"We have our patients who have obviously drank a little too much the night before. We give some detox vitamins and minimize the alcohol sugars as well as treating your nausea and headache," Nahle said.

Nurses are on call 24 hours a day.

Mark Sano is a patient.

"I typically like to take these when I am feeling a little low, a little bit low on energy.  These are usually a little bit higher in vitamin B. So, I think these overall help me overall just feel better overall. As opposed to me taking capsules or pills, this is instantaneous," said Sano.

Sano said he felt no pain during the treatment and was thankful for how quickly he could start to feel the effects.

"I am already feeling the effects, and I am already feeling pretty good," Sano said.

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