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Dog owner says her tortured dog still has long road to better health

Dog owner says her tortured dog still has long road to better health

This is an update on a story that touched so many of you.

ABC-7 first told you about Karrae last week. He is a dog that disappeared for 10 days and was found by his owners in horrible condition.

"I can't even imagine what he suffered during those 10 days he was gone," said Alejandra Castrellon.

For eight years Castrellon has been caring for her dog Karrae.

"His name actually stands for gods golden angel in Irish," Castrellon said.

A few days before Christmas Karrae went missing from his home in Socorro.

"I would get off of work at around 11 and by the time I would get home it was midnight and I would canvas the area driving yelling out his name," Castrellon told ABC-7.

After 10 days of being gone Castrellon's brother found the pup close to the neighborhood.

"My brother said he couldn't even stand by himself, he was very skinny, his rear was full of blood and very inflamed," Castrellon said.

A quick trip to the veterinarian revealed some bad news.

"He had been sodomized. He had been burned at close proximity, like they got a lighter and they were burning his fur," Castrellon said.

Karrae also suffered from a slashed leg. The dog was also muzzled so tight he broke a tooth and he was dragged on the pavement causing blisters on his paws.

Castrellon says Karrae hasn't been the same since.

"He's always shaking, he gets nervous, he can't be in the car," Castrellon said.

After an emergency operation Karrae is recovering slowly but he still has a long road ahead.

"The doctor said he was showing signs of renal failure and liver failure," Castrellon said.

Castrellon will continue to care for Karrae.

She says the bills have been adding up but she's thankful for the support she has gotten from the community.

"Just to know that people actually do care ... it makes me feel good because if we actually all speak up this wouldn't happen to any pets at all," Castrellon said.

The Sheriff's Office is currently investigating this case. They say if you have any information you can contact them at (915) 538-2292.

If you would like to help with Karrae's medical expenses, the family has set up a GoFundMe account.



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