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DISTRICT 2 RACE: Tolbert survives to fight another day, will face Anello in runoff

EL PASO, Texas - Incumbent City Representative Jim Tolbert and political newcomer Alexsandra Annello will face off in a runoff election.





Six candidates were vying for the El Paso City Council District 2 Seat, which encompasses parts of Central, northeast and east El Paso.

Candidates running for the position include: Incumbent Tolbert, Alexander Burnside, Raul Valdez, Delores Beca, Jud Burgess and Annello.

Prior to election day, ABC-7 reached out to all six candidates, however only three returned our calls.

Tolbert is running for re-election after serving the remainder of former City Rep. Larry Romero's term. He said street repairs seem to eb the chief complaint of voters in District 2.

"I think the big issue for most people is the streets and sidewalks.  And I have recently discovered the standard by which the city paves streets is really skewed to helping the east side and the west side. And we need to make that change so it is helping more of central El Paso where the infrastructure is just in terrible shape," Tolbert said.

Candidate Jud Burgess said it's time for change in District 2.
"I believe this City Council, they have a real cavalier attitude about Texas Open Meetings laws, Open Records requests. I mean the fact that they are all using private cellphones to conduct public business, they are not taking it seriously.  And I think we need to have a much more open government." Burgess was a strong opponent of the downtown arena and he was also against the recent EPISD bond.
District 2 candidate Alexsandra Annello also took aim at the current City Council.
"The arena is a big issue for me. The lack of transparency from our council.  Streets are a huge issue for District 2 and right here in the northeast.  You know in 2012 a study was done and we have no transparency with that process or many other processes. I would like to see that happen," Annello said. Annello said she wants to help the city reach its full potential.


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