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Disabled, elderly protesters take aim at El Paso Republican party office

Health Care protesters take aim at El...

EL PASO, Texas - A group of disabled and elderly protesters took aim at the offices of the El Paso Republican Party Monday.

Staffers inside the office told ABC-7 the protesters are angry over proposed cuts to Medicaid and Medicare.

"People will die, shame on you," the protesters chanted.

Police were called to the scene. The protesters exited the offices, but later surrounded the building, staffers said.

There were still about 15 and 20 people outside the offices after police arrived, staffers said.

A protester, who approached ABC-7 outside the office, said the the reason they were out at the GOP offices at 120 Paragon Ln. Suite 220, was to discuss proposed cuts to Medicaid.

"We went in there to try and talk to them," the protester said. "(Republicans) cutting the healthcare system. So they want to try and negotiate with them and talk to them about what's going on."

Bob Peña, GOP executive director, said the volunteers were inside the GOP offices were preparing welcome packages for new citizens when the protesters stormed the office. "The ladies were in here preparing these naturalization packages that they give to new citizens,"  Peña said, "We had no idea it was happening."

Rosemary Martinez was one of a couple dozen protesters.

"That is family members. That is our elderly. They have a right to dignity and compassion. And they don't have to settle for being sentenced to die in a nursing home because of the Medicaid cuts," Martinez said.

"Nobody pushes more for freedom of speech and expression than Republicans," Peña said, "This was not a good way for them to get their point across. It was really disappointing."

Peña told ABC-7 he was injured during the protest and plans to press charges. Pena said he fell down after a protester in a wheelchair ran over his foot and twisted his leg.

"It shows what the Republican party supports. And that is zero ethics. And the democrats throw them in as well, because they had a hand in it as well," Martinez said.



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