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Department of Animal Services: Dogs involved in child mauling were 'starving'

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ABC-7 is learning new information about the four dogs involved in a mauling that killed a 4-year-old boy last month.

The incident happened July 27 on the 9100 block of Morelia in El Paso's Lower Valley.

Police say the boy, Jacob Brooks, was playing in the backyard, jumping in an enclosed trampoline, when the dogs attacked him.

Investigators believe a female mixed-breed named Memphis was the instigator, based on her demeanor and physical evidence.

Officers noted on their report she was "underweight with ribs visible" and was "not social and had to be handled with caution."

Another dog they described as aggressive, Helga, a female German shepherd mix was noted as severely underweight with ribs and spine visible.

The third dog, another female shepherd mix, had a proper body condition and was responsive and friendly. They do not believe this dog was involved in the attack, though she was also in the yard.

The fourth dog is named Chloe, who had been adopted from Animal Services. When officers got her from the home, they said the female pit bull was underweight with chronic scars on the entire body. She was also described as depressed. 

Officials noted when she left the shelter, she had no scars or signs of aggression and was considered highly sociable with humans, other dogs and even cats. 

All four dogs were euthanized following the deadly attack.

After the incident, a family member sent a statement to ABC-7 that read in part, "Although the dogs were large breeds, they were indeed pets and had not shown aggressive behavior before around any of the family."

ABC-7 was unable to contact her to comment on the report by Animal Services officials that described some of the pets as malnourished and aggressive.

The family had other two dogs inside the home when the boy was attacked. They surrendered them to Animal Services, at the same time.

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